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Breakfast & Lunch Deliveries Menu

We do more than just catering. Breakfast and lunch deliveries in Irving, TX and surrounding areas from 8 am-2 pm M-Sat

Our Traditional Burritos 

Morning Burritos


Burritos Sunrise $5.00 (choose your favorite sunrise)

  • Huevo, tocino and beans/Egg, bacon and beans

  • Huevo, chorizo and beans/ Egg, seasoned pork sausage and beans

  • Huevo guisado a la mexicana and beans/mexican style eggs with beans (morning favorite)


Burritos with Authentic Mexican Guisados

  • Porkyburrito (Favorite one) $5.75

Chicharron guisado en salsa verde con frijolitos de la olla/ pork rind cooked in a Delicious salsa verde with beans.


  • Burrito Red Salsa  $5.75

Deshebrada de res guisada en adobo con frijolitos de la olla/ Mexican style brisket cooked with a Delicious non spicy salsa (adobo) with beans.


  • Burrito Ranchero (special guisado)  $5.50

Bistec a la mexicana con frijolitos de la olla/ Steak cooked with mexican ingredients andbeans


  • Chickburrito  $5.00

Pechuga de pollo marinada al estilo mexicano, pimientos, queso mozarella/ chicken breast cooked with mexican ingredients, peppers and mozarella cheese


  • Beefy Burrito  $5.50

Carne molida guisada a la mexicana con frijoles/ Mexican Style beef with beans


Tortas Especiales

  • Torta Con Jamon  $7.00

       -Ham, cheese, tomato, onions,  avocado and lettuce.

  • Torta Hawaiian    $7.50

       -Ham, pineapple and cheese ​

  • Choritorta           $8.50

       -Turkey Franks, chorizo, cheese, tomato, onion, avocado and lettuce

  • Mexican style steak Torta $8.00

       -Steak, ​cheese, tomato, onion, avocado and lettuce 

  • Chicken Torta     $7.50

Chicken breast, cheese, tomato, onion, avocado and lettuce

Fresh Fruit & Drinks 

Regular Coffee      $1.25



Cold Drinks           $1.50



Diet Coke

Dr. Pepper

Diet Dr. Pepper



Bottled Water          $1.00

Fresh Fruit                  $5.25

Seasonal Fruits combination with granola and strawberry yogurt


Mango,pineapple or melon, fresh cucumber, jicama  with chile en polvo and lime